When should deck be replaced?

A typical wooden deck can last from 15 to 40 years. This will depend on the materials used and the quality of routine maintenance performed.

When should deck be replaced?

A typical wooden deck can last from 15 to 40 years. This will depend on the materials used and the quality of routine maintenance performed. However, if your deck is showing signs of age and is over 20 years old, you should start considering a deck replacement. When the cost of repairs starts to approach the cost of replacing the entire platform, you should consider replacing everything.

Even roofing materials that are structurally sound are still old, and you may have to replace them anyway in just a few years. The trick is to figure out where that line is. Something like a single rotten pole is difficult to replace, since the surrounding beams need to be reinforced with temporary supports while the pole is being changed to a new one, but it does not justify the cost of a new platform. Even replacing several poles hardly equates to the cost of a completely new deck.

However, the exception is if your posts are buried in the ground instead of leaning on footers. This is an older practice and, although it is still used at times, it has a serious drawback. Buried poles tend to rot below ground level, drastically shortening their lifespan. If you see this when repairing a platform, it is definitely worth thinking seriously about a complete reconstruction with concrete feet.

While you can make changes to your deck to preserve its appearance, you should replace it if there are structural safety risks. Invest in a new platform if the repair costs are the same as when upgrading everything. Here are some signs that it's time to replace a cover. The average life expectancy of a wooden pallet is 10 to 15 years.

However, if you maintain it properly, you can enjoy many more years. In addition, a properly maintained cover can prevent injuries from occurring. The age of your deck is an important factor when deciding whether to replace or not. If you are 5 or older, a professional inspection is recommended, even if there is nothing obviously wrong with your platform.

Keep in mind the type of exposure your deck receives each year, how does it withstand the elements? If you are in a location where it is subject to extreme temperature changes as the seasons change (this includes frequent episodes of humidity), an inspection of the roof is essential. When joists and beams are compromised, your platform is no longer secure. Since these posts form the base and structure of your deck, you need them in shape before you can throw any summer party on the terrace. This is your best chance to get rid of that shaky old wooden deck and replace the entire deck with a composite deck.

Publicity around roof collapses has led many municipalities to tighten platform construction standards before. If your railing is the only place you notice deterioration, ripple, or damage, it is likely that it can be replaced without a full deck repair. If your deck structure is in good condition, you can simply remove the top layer of wood boards, the deck from your deck and replace it with composite pallet materials. If you cross your deck and it is dilapidated, there is movement and it staggers, it is definitely time to look for a new deck.

Conversely, tables that wobble will weaken other components of your deck over time, including the ledger that attaches the platform to your house. Composite wood decking is a popular alternative material to use over traditional wood decking as there is no need to stain or seal. Softwood decking can last a long time, depending on how well they are built, but it is not uncommon for cedar, pine or redwood decking to endure 10 to 20 years, at which point they begin to disintegrate in ways ranging from unsightly and inconvenient to downright dangerous. It's good to know that this isn't the best solution for everyone, so always consult with a composite decking installation professional before starting any composite decking project.

When California contractor Andrew York, owner of Pro Deck Construction, receives a call to repair a platform, he is often “20 years old” and the redwood is worn out. Some loose boards are easily repaired, but if your whole board seems shaky, you'll probably have to start thinking about a board replacement. Knowing what type of roofing material you have and what damage to look for can help you identify if a quick repair is needed, the replacement of individual boards, or if it is better to perform a total overhaul. If the wooden panels on your terrace splinter or crack, but the lower structure is safe, you can simply replace the decking boards.

If your board is made of real wood, it will show signs of wear differently than a board made of composite material. While decks are wonderful for expanding your outdoor living area, they are investments that need maintenance and repair over the years. If you're still noticing problems with your wood deck and feel like you're always working to repair, stain or seal, you might be wondering if there is an easy way to replace your wood deck with composite. .


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